FROSH presents life on campus as it really happens -- a true portrait of emerging sexualities (straight and gay), academic struggles, manic partying, and confrontations over religion, ethnicity, sexism and politics.

This year-in-the-life documentary is set in a co-ed, multi-cultural freshman dorm at Stanford University, where filmmakers Dan Geller and Dayna Goldfine lived with their camera and eighty 18-year-olds for nine months (from move-in day through spring final exams).

FROSH is a cinema verite look at how these students, from widely divergent ethnic, economic, geographic, religious and philosophical backgrounds, form a community within the context of the dorm.

The students in FROSH are captured in their dorm rooms and classrooms, as they go about their curricular and extra-curricular activities, on their first trips home over winter break, and through their many probing late night conversations with one another. FROSH tracks the lives of ten diverse students, men and women, as they candidly explore themselves and each other in a startling rite of passage.

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