"Wonderful... Refreshing and engaging... Full of humor and compassion... In an era when we're constantly bombarded with messages of despair, FROSH offers real hope... We find ourselves hating to bid farewell to these young people."
--- Kevin Thomas, Los Angeles Times, Critic's Choice Best of the Weekend

"Fascinating... continuously lively and interesting. Watching FROSH, we may wonder why teenagers in U.S. movies mostly come across as flashy, one-note juveniles."
--- Michael Wilmington, Chicago Tribune

"Remarkable... rich and keenly observed. The miracle of Goldfine and Geller's work is that it doesn't come across as orchestrated or false. In the tradition of the best of D.A. Pennebaker and Frederick Wiseman."
--- Michael MacCambridge, Austin American-Statesman

Nine Months in a Freshman Dorm
97 minutes - color - 1993

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